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Tole Gallery (Oils)

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  A little of the history of Traditional Tole painting can be found at this also has images of Pottery and Tea Trays included. Traditional Tole waspainted using Oil paint and information can be found linked to the Tole pages. There is also a link to the history of Papier Mâché which also has images of one-stroke painting.

stroke design

tole mushrooms

wild roses

tole daisy strawberry tole

To see these and other 'one-stroke' paintings in more detail, visit theTole Gallery  on the Zest-it site each is described in some detail including the colours used.

You can find out about the size and shape of 'one-stroke brushes'. Tole  brush strokes, oil paint and colour mixing can be found on the Zest-it site or check out painting techniques on this site with a 'leaf project' to try. 


All Artwork © Jacqui Blackman

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All Artwork © Jacqui Blackman