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  I live in the countryside of Leicestershire, near the National Forest, the many Reservoirs, Roman roads and beautiful countryside all seem to join together - it's a Demo in Derby
  My Grandfather started me off at a very early age with Watercolour and this was my main media for many years. I've also worked in Pastels and Oil Pastels, Acrylics, Oils and Gouache. Oils I tend to paint wet-on-wet, especially for the technique of Tole painting, Pen & Ink are still firm favorites, most of my current work is in Oils or Wax. 

Her Majesty Armed Forces Veteran badgeFollowing normal schooling was a three year City and Guilds Laboratory Technicians course.
I then joined the Women's Royal Air Force and attained HND equivalent as a Draughtswoman and Photographic Interpreter, I am also therefore an RAF Veteran.

I later managed the Drawings and Records Office of Soar Division, part of the Severn Trent Water Authority, leaving them to have my daughter.
  I made time to study, obtained a teaching certificate and for about eighteen years I traveled the country teaching Oil painting via workshops and on a group basis. I've demonstrate painting techniques and products at Art shows, also demonstrations to Art Societies and Clubs. I've authored numerous magazine articles, produced four videos, three CD and Art-E-Books. at the Artists and Illustrators show

I've had my art work exhibited at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, the Derby Open, Leicester Society of Artists, the Leicester Sketch Club and the Leicester City Open, also others around the Midlands and in the South.    

I am the founder of Zest-it® and our range of products, which came about because I wanted a better environment to work and teach in - than the constant smell of 'turps'!
The idea of using anything other than 'turps' was greeted with derision - but you have to do 'what feels right to you' and keep your own council!

  I enjoy life, painting, teaching, family, friends, the countryside and my dogs - but not necessarily in that order!

(A Veteran is a person experienced in a particular area and in many parts of the world it is used to refer to people
with experience in the armed forces or law enforcement. A common mistaken belief is that one had to have either
been in combat and/or has retired from active duty to be called a military veteran,because of
this widely held misconception women have often been excluded from this equation.
The term Veteran is about experience not age.)

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