beechwood pastel painting







Derwent drawing pencils blended with Zest-it pencil blend


coloured pencils blended with Zest-it pencil blend

Examples of Derwent Drawing pencils applied to Whatman paper and then blended
using Zest-it Pencil blend and a fairly stiff brush, it work just as well with colour shapers or paper stumps.
This works really well to establish colour in an under painting especially where the pencil has a waxy stripe,
or it can be used to give a watercolour effect over the whole piece of work.
If you wish to purchase Zest-it Pencil Blend please visit our
Zest-it is non-flammable, non-toxic and leaves no residue, nor will it damage the paper
or parchment. It also dries without staining the paper, it works with any CP's that have a waxy stripe,
it also works with pastel pencil, wax based pencil, oil pastel and oil based ink.

Artwork Copyright Tracey Blackman 2004

Copyright Jacqui Blackman 2004
All rights reserved worldwide

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