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Pen and Ink

extra fine needle point nib

Dip Pen Nibs.
What sort of dip pen nib to choose for Drawing with ink? Is often a question asked, especially for those new to pen and ink work. Plenty of information here about the main types of dip pen nib, how to choose one that works for you and the effect you want. It also explains about the elasticity of the nib and how it works according to your hand pressure.

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ink blob

Ink properties and its use.
An introduction to ink properties, what the properties mean to you and choosing the right type for your work. Which type of ink to use where and getting the ink to flow from the nib.

Dip pen nib with reservoir

Techniques when using Dip Pen Nibs.
Fitting a dip pen nib into the holder; fitting a reservoir to a dip pen nib; loading the nib with ink and how to use pounce pouches.

ink blot

Classical Transparent Ink.
This ink is very well suited to fountain pens as well as other writing instruments. Here you can find the properties of the ink; its use and colour swatches.
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gouache mushroom

Liquid Gouache Ink.
Clean Gouache colours for use with dip pen or brush. These inks are excellent for brush work in Gouache painting, they give a lovely matt finish and their lightfast properties are excellent. They also give a beautiful finish to dip pen work.
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permanent pigment ink ivy leaves

Permanent Pigmented Ink.
Waterproof ink very similar to Indian Ink, just right for pen and wash with an excellent colour range more so than many waterproof inks. Sponge onto watercolour paper to give a coloured under-painting, which primes the surface before using oil paint.
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natural historical ink drawing

Natural Historical Ink.
Transparent inks made from natural pigments to give authentic historical look to work.

Pelikan 4001

An insightful guide to Pelikan 4001 and Pelikan Drawing inks including Drawing Ink 'A'

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