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Grandads Gallery of paintings.

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   I've included this gallery page as a tribute to my Grandad, who was a wonderful gentleman and teacher. He loved electronics and technology, so computers and  the concept of  the world wide web would have intrigued him. Below are some examples of his work in both watercolour and oils, he also worked in pastel and ink with a dip pen but watercolour was his preferred medium.

Girl painted whilst in France dated and with his regiment
This watercolour is over 90 years old, he painted it at the age of 22, whilst 'in the trenches', in France, during the First World War.
The picture including the mount measures 6.5" x 4.5".
The backing and mount are made from a thin type of plywood and hand decorated.
the Indian is a much admired piece of work

Watercolour and Chinese White for this detailed painting. Much admired.
Painted some 60 years ago on smooth heavy watercolour paper.

It measures 8" x 10"

Many thanks to Richard for the use of it.

this bowl of fruit is beautiful detailed work
Painted with Oil paint on starch primed Watercolour paper.
It is unframed, varnished and about 75 years old.

It measures 14" x 10"

Oil on Watercolour paper that was never finished as he 'fell out' with it
This painting is also Oil paint on starch primed Watercolour paper.

It was never finished but it was later varnished for protection, it is unframed and about 75 years old.

It measures 14" x 10"
oils on canvas abour 65 years old unusual light and good stone work
This Oils on canvas, as far as is known, is about 65 years old, varnished but un-framed.

It is now showing some damage due to the age and the brittleness of the canvas cloth. Whereas the oils on watercolour paper are in a better conditon.

24" x 16"

All Artwork Jacqui Blackman

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All Artwork Jacqui Blackman
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