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Welcome to my Galleries and Art studio,
you will find oil painting demonstrations, hints and tips on pen and ink,
Gouache and information on the products used.

one-stroke painting Painting techniques offers help to those wishing to try different media.
There are step by step instructions for One-stroke painting; Selecting different Inks; Flower painting instruction using Oils; blending Coloured Pencil using Zest-it; Pencil sketches; working with Parchment; Pen and Ink; Dip Pen Nibs

gouache mushroom

The Gouache page gives an introduction to Gouache paint and how to use it. Details about Gouache Ink and the colours available. There is also a Gouache Painting Techniques book available as a pdf download from J and T's Art and Calligraphy.

oil paint

There are seven different Galleries you can visit, covering the following media - watercolour, acrylic, pastel, oil, gouache, pen and ink, pencil and Tole (one-stroke painting), along side some paintings are descriptions of the paint and painting techniques used.


The products I've reviewed and recommended are ones I use myself, most are available at our online shop J and Ts Art & Calligraphy including Zest-it; Ink; Dip Pen Nibs; Ruling Pens; Brushes; books, cd's and DVDs. There are link to artists websites.

pen and ink

The Pen and Ink section of the site now offers information on Automatic Pens, what they are and how to use them. A review of a range of excellent quality inks.

vintage dip pen nib

Which Dip Pen nib and what to look for when buying them, also a guide to Ink and its use. We have a range of Vintage and dip pen nibs at www.dippennibs.co.uk

I hope you enjoy the site and thank you for visiting.

beech wood in pastel

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