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quick pencil sketch of a thatched cottage

close up of cottage chimney scribbling denotes bushes pressure and spacing give shading light lines indicate structure
Pencil lines following the contours of the object. Scribbling is very effect to indicate bushes. Pencil pressure and spacing of the contour lines gives shading. Light lines used to indicate structure.

This was a quick 10 minute pencil sketch, on cartridge paper using a 2B pencil. This thatched cottage is in the next village and full of character. Quick sketches like this are good for training the eye, to pick out the important parts of the view.

The first line placed was the nearest upright corner of the building, the second line the horizon line, these two lines, drawn or just acknowledged, would be the starting point for a drawing of this nature.

A sketch book is always good to have to hand, especially if out in your car and waiting to collect someone. Try doing a sketch a day, even if its only a five minute one, keep it loose as you're not aiming for a finished work, just noting something onto paper. Look back at your sketches at the end of a week you'll be surprised how they help your mind recall the detail.

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