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gouache mushroom

The original photograph was taken with the artwork under glass, so I'm sorry for the slight 'misty' look to the image. This one is shown just about life size.

The mushrooms were drawn onto the paper using a 2B pencil, the pencil lines were removed with a 'magic rub' eraser after the painting was complete.

Gouache on Saunders Hot Pressed paper, painted as a 'vignette'.
Thin washes of various Gouache colours were used for the under painting of the ground area. All these colours were 'dropped in' while the Gouache was still wet, further layers were added to give a rough/stone-y look to the ground.
The mushroom themselves were painted with thicker paint to give them 'substance' and contrast.
Tip: add a few drops of Gum Arabic to your mixing water if you wish to paint in layers.

Gouache Painting Techniques book now available, update.

This painting is sold, copyright Jacqui Blackman 1994.


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