beech pastel

pencil sketch of the farm track This 'Farm Track' pencil drawing was for a 20" x 16" Watercolour painting.

It always pays to do pencil sketches, drawing or thumbnails, it gives you a 'feel' for the subject and helps with the correct positioning.

A quick sketch made on site using a 2B pencil. It had been raining the day before and the puddles, just fitted so well, into the early spring 'look' and 'feel' to this well used farm track.

The position of the track  and fence post was important to lead the eye into the picture.

The puddles added interest to the track itself and gave depth and texture to the foreground area.

watercolour painting of the farm track The painting from the above sketch was done on Arches rough watercolour paper.



All Artwork Jacqui Blackman 1994


Copyright   1999 Jacqui Blackman
All Artwork Jacqui Blackman