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Products for the artwork in the galleries.

For more information on any of the products mentioned on my site please click the links below.
You can find, a description, how to use and where to purchase online.
I recommend these products because I find them to be good quality products.
I've tested them all and I use them myself.

Drawing Ink A

The ink I use the most is Drawing Ink A. It is excellent for use with dip pen nibs, for 'pen and wash' and inking work, available in black and other colours.

ink swatch Penman Metal Inks. Excellent range of inks, pigmented, transparent, gouache and a metal range, all of which can be purchased from J & T Art and Calligraphy

brause extra fine nib Dip Pen Nibs William Mitchell, Joseph Gillott and Brause dip pen nibs and how to choose them can be found on the link. You can purchased here - these are all excellent dip pen nibs.


derwent drawing pencil charts Blending Coloured pencils Hints and tips for using Zest-it Pencil Blend can be found on the link and on this page about blending. Also video links to CP artists.

Vintage Dip Pen Nibs

On the Dip Pen Nibs site you can find an excellent selection of nibs and a very good selection of Vintage nibs.

Graphos Pens

Lots of information about the Graphos Pens, an excellent selection of nibs and a very good selection of other elements.

chamois pen wipe The Chamois Pen Wipe is so useful not only for cleaning dip pen nibs but also as for blending pencil and charcoal. Also handy for gripping nibs when you want to change them, as the nib can be resistant to leaving the holder!

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