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Natural Historical Inks.

By using ancient recipes and modern technology, these inks offer a genuine colour range from a bygone era. They are made from natural tannins and pigments, from botanically sustainable sources. All are transparent, neutral Ph value, water soluble and fast drying, with very good lightfast qualities. These natural pigmented inks are suitable for quills, reeds, dip pens, ruling pens, Automatic pens and brush. Not for use with fountain or technical pens. All of these authentic inks are intermixable, giving a wide range of colours with excellent flow.

Anyone who has looked at old historical books, written and illuminated by Monks, will recognise these colours. They have excellent flow with pen or brush. They all contain a substantial amount of pigment, they need to be stirred before and during use, shaking these inks will cause way too many bubbles to work with! When you first look at the twelve colours, it would appear that the combinations would be limited when mixed. It was interesting to find that you could achieve an exceptional range, from muted greens and browns, through deep rich browns to blue black, with the yellow and red giving some almost 'day-glow' results.

Recommended papers: HP watercolour paper; Bristol board or card; good quality writing and/or smooth surfaced papers, also parchment or vellum paper.

The colour range, made from swatches of the inks applied to bright white Bristol board.

ink chart

The colours  - going from left to right and down the rows.
Row one. NHI025 Mulberry Yellow - very similar to a yellow ochre;
NHI026 Tawny Brown - a warm brown similar to burnt sienna;
NHI027 Brazil Nut Brown - a rich brown with a red undertone;
NHI028 Walnut Brown - a very delicate grey/brown;
NHI029 Logwood Black - a very interesting blue/black;
NHI030 Blackberry-leaf Green - green with a slight blue under tone;
Row two. NHI031 Bay Leaf Green - a blue/green;
NHI032 Cochineal Red - bright intense red;
NHI033 Elderberry Purple - a black/purple;
NHI034 Turmeric Yellow - bright intense yellow;
NHI035 Cassel Earth - a warm brown;
NHI036 Pip-stone Purple - a warm purple.

natural historical ink chart

All colours are single pigment, giving clean colours when mixed. They have excellent flow, no skipping, spluttering or blotting before or during use.

The chart on the left gives a good example of some of the variety of colours available.

An excellent range of colours for the Artist, Calligrapher, Illustrator and Illuminator looking for an authentic range.

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