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Permanent Pigmented Ink (Indian Ink).

A water-soluble range of inks that are Permanent when dry. Ideal for pen work followed by a watercolour wash and where excellent lightfast-ness and permanence are needed. All colours are intermixable, with good flow and a matt finish. A fine range of Ph neutral, highly pigmented 'India Inks', with a wide colour spectrum and many uses. Fountain and most Technical pens are not suitable for use with these inks. All colours have excellent lightfast properties except, Lemon Yellow, Deep Garnet and Rose Magenta which are very good lightfast-ness.

The Permanent Pigmented Inks are suitable for use with :- Dip pens; Quill; Reed pen; Ruling pens; Automatic pens and brushes. Pens and brush are easily washed with soap and water, but the ink will 'stick' to the nib if allowed to dry - as you would expect. If this happens carefully use a shape blade or strong toothbrush to remove the ink. There is no skipping, spluttering or blotting during use. If used for watercolour type washes, a 'brush full' seems to go a lot further than a good quality watercolour paint, which is probably due to the very high pigmentation of these inks.

Recommended papers: HP watercolour paper; Bristol board or card; good quality writing and/or smooth surfaced papers, also parchment or vellum paper.

The colour range, made from swatches of the inks applied to bright white Bristol board.

permanent pigmented ink chart

The colours  - going from left to right and down the rows, s/o/t = semi-opaque, opaque, transparent.
Row one.
PPI01 Titane White - a semi-opaque white s/o;
PPI02 Lemon Yellow - bright citrus yellow, t;
PPI03 Deep Yellow - rich deep yellow, s/t;
PPI04 Ochre Yellow - hint of orange to the yellow ochre colour, s/o;
PPI05 Ochre Orange - dull orange ochre, s/o;
PPI06 Red Orange - rich orange, s/o;
Row two.
PPI07 Rose Red - gives clean pinks, s/t;
PPI08 Rose Magenta - cool red with a blue undertone, t;
PPI09 Red Ochre - dense burnt sienna colour and slow drying, o;
PPI10 Deep Garnet - deep rich garnet and slow drying, o;
PPI11 Violet Purple - rich royal colour, s/t;
PPI13 Midnight Blue - deep rich blue and slow drying, o;
Row three.
PPI14 Prussian Blue - strong colour, s/o;
PPI15 Azure Blue - tint of the previous colour, o;
PPI16 Copper Oxide - dense blue with a green undertone, s/o;
PPI17 Emerald Green - similar to a viridian colour, t;
PPI18 Spring Green - warm rich green, t;
PPI19 Green Olives - useful warm green, s/o;
Row four.
PPI20 French Sepia - typical light sepia colour, s/o;
PPI21 Dark Umber - cool rich dark brown, o;
PPI22 Black Ochre - cool van dyke brown colour, s/o;
PPI23 Grey Paynes - a light blue black, s/o; Vine Black - rich dense black, o;
PPI26 Iridescent Gold - very pale gold colour, t.

pen and ink using vine black

These inks are made from very finely ground pigment and will settle out over time, so shaking or stirring (for preference) of the contents is recommended. Available in a 30 ml bottle.

Small part of a drawing using a Joseph Gillott 303 drawing pen and Vine Black, on 115 lb Bristol card.

Whether used individually or mixed, this excellent range of 'India Ink' colours offer so much for the Artist, Calligrapher, Illustrator, Illuminator, Decorative and Graphic Artist.

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