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What is an Art E-book?
An E-Book, or to give it its proper name an electronic book, is a digital book, with or without video that you can read on a computer, Art E-books are E-books about Art.

Do I need an E-book reader and what is it?
No you don't need an E-Book reader, but it's best to check system requirements to make sure you have what you need.

Is there a time limit on Art E-book?
No, there is no time limit on Art E-books that have been purchasedFree books expire after 30 days.

Can I 'save' an Art E-Book on more than one computer?
No. As part of the copyright protection, an Art E-Book can only be saved to one hard drive and comes with a single user license.

I can't find my Art E-Book?art ebook icon
Look in the place you saved your Art E-book, for this icon. Double click to open.

What's so good about Art E-books?
Art-E-Books are an interactive book and video combined, giving dual learning. Some are available for instant download but can only be saved to one hard drive. Purchased Art E-books come to you on a CD ROM and do not need saving to your hard drive. You always have the material even if you change your computer.

Can I order free Art E-books by e-mail or phone?
No - because these are digital products, they can only be downloaded online. 

Can I order more than one copy of an Art E-book at the same time?
If you are purchasing an Art E-book on CD then yes, the option is available on-line.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to read my Art E-book?
No. Once you have paid for and downloaded your Art E-book you can read it offline without being connected to the Internet.

Can I print my Art E-book?
Due to the video content of the Art E-book that is not an option at this time.

What is the return policy for Art E-books?
All Art E-books are non-returnable and non-refundable. For more information please read the Terms and Conditions page.

All Art E-books are Copyrightę Jacqui Blackman

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