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Art E-books have been developed over the last few years, with the emphasis being that they are easy to use, they are step-by-step with images and where video is an important instructional part of the book.

We read and understand books but seeing art techniques executed - in person, on Video or DVD - is an enormous aid to the learning process. You can learn a lot by watching someone, that cannot be obtained from the written word

The Art-E-Books with their text, images and video content are an interactive book and video combined - offering both the written word and the visual reference.

To me Art-E-Books give the best of both worlds for anyone looking for tuition. Also they are easy to use, always available in your own home and can be downloaded very quickly.

flower painting demo NewcastleI hold Teaching and Instructor Certificates and over the last eighteen years I have travelled the country teaching Oil painting by way of workshops, on a group or one-to-one basis. Business and personal commitments have meant that I now travel much less. I enjoy teaching and Art-E-Books allow me to offer tuition to a wide audience, at less expense to everyone including the environment.


****Please Note:- The Art-E-books site has now closed, due to abuse by spammers and infringers, this does not affect any downloaded books, they will still work. Some are available to purchase at J & T's Art and Calligraphy. My thanks to all customers.

All Art E-books are Copyrightę Jacqui Blackman

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